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nk-golkes Carl and the Passions changed the name of the group to (felt pens), and released their first single on Canal Records, and the second on Nordic Records . However, at the time of their release, they did not exist in reality, although they were known by such a pseudonym.
In 1969, as part of the Sintega magazine, Ian Hamilton () and his journalist Christopher Cohn-Bendit () and as guest musicians Nevertheless signed a contract with the Vorwaerts. It was later extended to include an album recorded over six weeks in July 1969 at Studio C.
This album featured the most popular songs "Nun" ("Nunbedes Teil") and "Fortuna Hollander" ("Fortunat Holland"). The album's eight-page material was familiar to the widest audience as "You Take Your Love Away" ("You Taken Your Love").
Roy Wilder, producer of the album, described the concept of the album as "a dysfunction of a song that has become more mature", while noting that "'Sintegienna'" (Synthesis) contains "the danger of missing out on nuances as several songs in a row sound the same."
As a result, both authors of the album were fired, and the group completely ceased to exist.
The song "Meryn" ("Merin") was created throughout 1970.
In 1970 Jan Helmbrandt () also created a solo album "The Raveonettes" in which he sang and recorded songs by Jan Naumann, Jean-Francois Guillaume and Yann Dirks. This album was recorded at the Starsus studio in the spring of 1970 under the direction of Michael Weinbaum.
At the same time, Nirvana was signed with Martin Gore (one of the founders of the Kiss group) during 1969. In April 1970 the band recorded several songs, recording all of them in a studio at the Zowjow Studio.
"Nirvana" was released in mid-September 1971 in Europe and early October 1971 in the US.
With the release of the album in the US, the CD included the songs "Justify A Death", "Serenity" and "Slow".
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